Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have we forgotten

Happened to take couple of interviews today.
One common thing noticed... of course! not only for the interviewees but for most of us...

As and when we grow in the IT career, are we forgetting the basics? When u were in standard 12, or 1st year of graduation, were u fit like a fiddle in writing a quick sort/bubble sort program??? slowly as we move ahead, we started looking at a bigger picture (often its ONLY bigger pictures) without bothering to recall what have we done...

This is so true in one case... I was discussing a problem with my friend... it was something to do with complex algo in Telecom domain... Trying to get to a solution for a very simple problem with factory pattern etc... (forgetting, its such a simple problem and can be solved with 2 lines of code)... it boils down to the same... since we know design pattern, refactoring etc, to some extent people are tend to think in that terms


  1. Hey Sami !! agree with you truly !! However all those big terms there like design patterns and some other ttechnical fundas didnt make sense to me !! he he !! you are right that we tend to forget those little basics which we were very good ages before !! i feel that the enormous ways of doing things now and the comfortability that you get out of different sources thats present nowadays is making us forget those toughtimes where we had to think !! this phase is a dangerous one !!! but you know what the million dollar question is that !! How do i get away from this ???

  2. hi there,

    there are two things to what you said. I'm decoupling them (pardon me for the jargon)

    - fogetting the first principles
    - thinking in terms of patterns

    If really, people are able to think in terms of patterns, and patterns are things that provide solutions, and if you identify the correct patterns (or for that matter, antipatterns on what not to do), the solution is simple and easier.

    If people are forgetting the basics, i think that they have not really learned the principles correctly. They may have read it from an examination point of view. Programming (i mean the good one!!) is all about application of common sense.

    my 2 cents!!